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Integrating EPiServer 7 MVC and Commerce 1 R3 - Part 3: Creating an Entry Action Filter

on July 28, 2013 in Episerver, Episerver 7, Episerver MVC, Commerce 1 R3 with 0 Comments

When developing out our EPiServer 7 MVC and Commerce site, we needed to have some way to ensure that the requested Entry is valid and exists in our catalog. In our solution, since we have multiple actions in our ProductDetailPageController, we created an action filter to validate {entry} parameter in our route, instead of repeating the code for every action.

This is part of a multi-post series regarding integrating EPiServer Commerce 1 R3 with an EPiServer 7 MVC site. In this post, I'll discuss the action filter we created to validate the requested Entry.

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